Rozřazovací test angličtina

Dbejte na to, aby čas potřebný k vypracování rozřazovacího testu z angličtiny nepřesáhl 40 minut. Výsledky obdržíte automaticky na uvedenou e-mailovou adresu po odeslání testu.

Pro zaručení korektního výsledku nepoužívejte při vyplňování testu slovník ani jiné pomocné prostředky. Pokud neznáte odpověď na otázku, vynechte ji! V žádném případě odpovědi "netipujte". Začínají být otázky těžké? Poté zanechte testování. Přejeme hodně štěstí!

Vyberte správnou odpověď. Pouze jedna je správná! / Choose the correct answer. Only one is correct!

1. His name is Peter. He ... from London.

2. My mother ... as a nurse.

3. Where ... he work?

4. What are you ... at the weekend?

5. Maggie is ... wife.

6. It ... rain soon.

7. The dog was looking at ... .

8. Ryan doesn't like flying. ...

9. I usually do not work ... Saturdays.

10. I am here. I ... just come.

11. Does your sister live in London? Yes, she ...

12. Do you usually go home ... bus?

13. Have you visited Prague? ...

14. He is ... architect.

15. How ... money do you have?

16. Our cat ... five the day after.

17. I have read ... German books.

18. There isn't ... in the pub.

19. Last week I ... in the UK.

20. She was watching TV when I ... .

21. They told the waiter ... the music down.

22. Who was the man you ... this mornig?

23. She loves ... two CDs.

24. To my birthday came ... friends than I expected.

25. Who ... the delicious cake?

26. We haven't got a car. Let's ... .

27. Which bus ... for when I met you this morning.

28. He's the ... in the team.

29. I have been a teacher ... twenty years.

30. "Who was that?" - "Oh, an old friend ..."

31. When she came in, I ... hello.

32. Don't wait for me if you ... .

33. He is the man ... car I washed.

34. Who is that present ... .

35. Thanks for the meal! It was ... .

36. We are looking ... a new house.

37. I learnt how to ... a bike when I was five years old.

38. We'll see ... at school.

39. Because of the heavy rain they ... us to wait.

40. I hope this cut on my leg ... fast.

41. The Smiths live ... the other side of the road.

42. My salary was ... by 5%.

43. The house ... next to the hotel.

44. If I ... you, I would not do that.

45. If only I ... the time, I could have finished it.

46. I ... go there if it rains.

47. His brother is ... me.

48. We have to go. It is time we ... .

49. That is the chapter we ...

50. Ozzy has never been ... Brno.

51. The book was written ... Milan Kundera.

52. You ... your homework before you came to the lesson!

53. He won the first ... in the competition.

54. I'm ... I can't go with you.

55. You ... go shopping. I have already done it.

56. This time next year I ... in New York.

57. I wish you ... it yesterday.

58. Mr Deep ... in a bank for 15 years. Then he got fired.

59. I’m going to the hairdresser’s ...

60. He told me that he ... really disappointed the day before

61. Mrs. Prokop ... to cook very well.

62. She wondered what ... .

63. "Children were surprised their mother wasn't at home. ""She... shopping,"" they thought. "

64. You enjoyed the trip, but Laura ... .

65. I'd rather you ... home now.

66. They had better ... it.

67. What ... are you? Protestant or Roman Catholic?

68. She is ashamed of wearing ... old-fashioned dress.

69. Do you think you might be good ... singing?

70. These are your boots. ...

71. I liked that dish very much. Would you mind giving me the ... for it.

72. She is such an irritating woman. I don't know how you can ... her.

73. There are a lot of ... in the road to Moscow.

74. The First World War ... in 1914.

75. In Czech dogs ... haf haf, but in English woof woof.

76. ... you have any more questions, you can leave.

77. Mr. Lawrence has already got used to ... .

78. I found ... writing desk in an antique shop at the weekend.

79. Jane was very generous, ... her efforts to save some money.

80. It was very dark in the cave, that's why he ... a match.

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